Photography and Video Production for P&G

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The puzzle that makes a photo shoot

Producing a photo shoot is all about working with moving parts. Coordinating multiple people, timelines, locations, props, and communication lines is a full-time job. This is exactly why we have a dedicated team.

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Guiding the production

When someone requests photography services, there are always some unknowns, especially without prior experience with a photo shoot. Communication is the best tool to begin the process.

We’ll listen to your ideas for what you hope to be the finished product and help you decide what’s possible and what’s out of reach. Balancing budgets with ambitious shot lists can be a challenge, but that’s where our experience comes in. We focus on executing your vision and working through every obstacle to make it happen.

Photographers and their support crew

The photographer can execute a vision, but they can’t do everything solo. It’s imperative to find the right crew to work alongside the photographer. Depending on the requirements of the shoot, we’ll find, coordinate and schedule the involvement of several different people.

Photography Assistants

Production Assistants

Food Stylist


Set/Prop Stylists

Hair and Makeup Stylists

Wardrobe Stylists

Craft Services

Seasoned Professionals

It takes years of experience to manage all of these people and make sure they can all work as a team. Having an in-house team to select the crew, find the props, and coordinate schedules is a critical piece of the OMS Photo experience.

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Understanding the process

Once you contact us we’ll begin sorting out the details over phone calls and emails. What kind of shoot will it be? How do you want your product or service to be captured? We’ll listen to your needs and share our input along the way.

Then we’ll send a quote for review. From there we’ll be able to talk about what you can and can’t fit in your budget and how that will impact the deliverables

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Next, we’ll have a pre-production meeting to solidify locations, props, models, or whatever is required. This meeting is about preparation and aligning on everyone’s schedule and expectations so we can make it happen with no hiccups or surprises.

Behind the scenes we’ll be shopping for props, working on sets, and preparing so that photographers, stylists, models and more all have the materials they will need on shoot day.

The photo shoot is the best part

Clients, crew members, and the photographer can collaborate in the process and not be overly stressed since we’ll have done the proper planning. We’ll have food and drinks throughout the day and clients can enjoy our work spaces, which helps everyone do their best job.  After the shoot is over, we’ll even store your favorite props for future shoots!

cheese burger and bun

Then it’s off to post-production where we will retouch selected images to your exact specification.

Communications will happen frequently during this phase until the shoot is wrapped and final photos are delivered.

We love to handle all of this to reduce headaches. No outside production companies, no stylists or assistants we don’t trust.