Photo Retouching For P&G

Photo retouched and edited falling limes with water

Making Magic Happen

OMS believes in taking on a visual challenge and rising to the occasion. Working with P&G for over 30 years has given OMS a unique perspective on photo editing needs. Our team is thrilled to help P&G creatives get photos ready for packaging and advertising.

A great photo gets us 90% of the way, and digital retouching takes us to 100%. There is an undeniable “wow” factor here, and our joy comes from sharing the process with others.

Product Photography Retouching

Gillette razor Before photo retouching Image Gillette razor After photo retouching Image
Herbal Essence Bottle Before photo retouching Herbal Essence Bottle After photo retouching
Olay Product Family before photo retouching Olay Product Family after photo retouching
Olay product family before photo retouching Olay product family after photo photo retouching
Dry shampoo product before Retouching Dry shampoo product after Retouching
Olay Scrubs before photo retouching Olay Scrubs after photo retouching

Pulling Back The Curtain On A Retouching Team

It’s easy to find photo retouching a little mysterious. Most folks are unsure of the time it will take or how to translate a vague idea into a precise design. Our dedicated digital team will help overcome these hurdles.

Improving Design Communication

With an in-house team, retouchers are free to communicate with photographers and clients alike. Before and during shoots, retouchers hear the client’s vision firsthand, discuss the edits needed with the photographer, and often work on initial proofs and mock ups while clients are still on set.

After the shoot, the communication continues. OMS uses a simple and unpretentious proofing program so clients can easily request changes as the process moves along. We’ll go through multiple rounds of revisions until everyone is satisfied. You’ll learn what goes into the ideas and processes. The more transparently involved everyone is, the better the end result.

Retouching People

A picture of a woman's face before retouching Portrait of a woman's face after photo retouching
Portrait of a man before photo retouching Portrait of a man after photo retouching
Portrait of man in chair before retouching Portrait of man in chair after retouching
Portrait of a woman beauty pose before photo retouching Portrait of a woman beauty pose after photo retouching
Water splashing with cucumbers and pepper

Shooting with next steps in mind

When a photographer knows what’s possible and trusts the retoucher’s ability, the shoot is executed differently. Instead of smoothing out every imperfection on a piece of chocolate, the photographer can focus on elements such as composition, lighting, and client engagement. This continually allows our photographers to be confident, yet relaxed on set.

A Visionary Team Effort

Each retoucher at OMS has been working in the photography industry for more than a decade, and some have been using Photoshop since its infancy. Our team works together to leverage each member’s unique skills. We are not afraid to lean on one another to generate the best possible outcome for every project. This allows us to execute even the most fantastical visions.

We don’t try to force illusions. Instead, we collaborate with photographers to capture the real elements and lighting. It’s this attention to detail that makes the end result look natural.

Above all, we value fresh perspectives. Finding a new style or approach and embracing it is essential to keep our skills up to par. We encourage our clients to share their ideas and challenge us at every opportunity.

Photo Compositing

When a concept pushes the bounds of creativity and logistics, it often requires the use of photo composites. Indeed, complex images can’t have every model, prop, and set arranged to happen at the same time while still having the perfect lighting. However, our retouching team and photographers can work together to make every aspect come together in one polished product.

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