Research and Development Photography for P&G

Animated Research and Development graphic

Creative and Innovative

Ready to go for both stills and video, our P&G photographers are uniquely ready for R&D photography. Research and development often requires the ability to keep information secret and find ways to bring innovations to market.  

When our creativity combines with the practicality of a new product or innovation something magical happens; a message can be created and understood. Whether that be introducing a new product or the teams that make innovations possible, our photographers are up for the challenge.

Enjoy some photos and animations from the R&D projects we can share. 

Exploratory Sessions

When you’re not sure what you need with photography or video, you can explore ideas with our photographer. Book time in our studio to explore and execute as many ideas as possible. Ideal for new brands and products alike.

Demo photography, gif and video documentation

Our photographers can shoot inside the studio, or in the lab.

“Talking Heads Video”

Get employees or department leaders in front of our green screen to talk about any topic including department functions, team stories, new developments, and more. 

Consumer Reaction Videos

When someone requests photography services, there are always some unknowns, especially without prior experience with a photo shoot. Communication is the best tool to begin the process.

We’ll listen to your ideas for what you hope to be the finished product and help you decide what’s possible and what’s out of reach. Balancing budgets with ambitious shot lists can be a challenge, but that’s where our experience comes in. We focus on executing your vision and working through every obstacle to make it happen.

Go-to-market photography

Don’t let photography delay your project. Come to OMS for packaging shots and more.

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