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Videos are a fantastic endeavor. Directors, videographers, editors, and more, need to gather a wide range of ideas nestled in conversations, sketches, scribbled notes, and brand identities. Handling a successful production requires a clear vision for the finished product from beginning to end - and that vision is what we bring to every project.

With our in-house team inside P&G, they can handle a variety of productions inside P&G, but also be a conduit to OMS Photo amazing video team located in Northside.

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Olay Shorts


PINK - Beauty Marketing

Febreze Autumn

Olay Cleansing

Motion Control Video with A Robot

Camera movements are one of the most significant obstacles to capturing a fluid video. Using a robot transfers creative energy from the motion to the visuals. A video shoot can now function much like any other shoot at a photo studio. Once we have our moves and general composition accounted for, the team can focus on the fine-tuning visuals that turn it from something nice into something amazing.

With our system, every movement is repeatable with precision.

At OMS, we use a Sisu KAISU robotic system paired with the fantastic RED Gemini Camera. This combo enables our team to execute almost any video idea we can dream. The robot can move at astonishingly high speeds, as well as silky-smooth slow. When paired up with our creative and technical team, we can capture and fly through a variety of nuanced moves.

Having a robotic system engages us to approach video from a different and more controlled perspective.

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