MBC Photography Studio at P&G

Inside the MBC photography studio for P&G

Office Location: DS3-306

The Mason Business Center is P&G's largest research and development center in the world. It is a perfect place for our studio to work side-by-side with P&G employees on every step of their process in creating amazing products for consumers. R&D is such an important aspect to P&G's work, and we have found that P&G employees love having a dedicated photography and video resource ready for any project, big or small.

Map to MBC Photo Studio

Photo and Video for R&D

Equipped with both still and video lighting the MBC studio can be your home for a variety of R&D specific services including:

  • Exploratory Sessions - When you’re not sure what you need with photography or video, we can explore ideas with you. Book time in our studio to explore and execute as many ideas as possible. Ideal for new brands and products alike.
  • Demo photography, gif and video documentation - We can shoot inside the studio, or in the lab.
  • “Talking Heads Video” Get employees or department leaders in front of our green screen to talk about any topic including department functions, team stories, new developments, and more.
  • Consumer reaction videos - Have us capture consumers' reactions to new technologies inside the studio, a testing facility, or anywhere else in any P&G location, such as the Insight Suites.
  • Go-to-market photography - Don’t let photography delay your project. Come to OMS for packaging shots and more.

In addition to R&D specific projects, the MBC studio offers an intimate space to accomplish a variety of needs. It can also serve as a gateway to our digital retouching team.

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