Social Media Photography for P&G

Great photos, fast turnaround.

Social media photography focuses on capturing a great visual with an authentic style. Our dedicated P&G photographer, Nancy Armstrong, understands the needs of social media and is here to help. The top priorities with social media photos are having a solid style with not too much polish and sending it out on a schedule. By having access to photographers in-house and around the US, OMS offers P&G unique opportunities for social media needs.

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MBC P&G Studio Photo

Visit our studios

Located in both the GO and MBC offices, our studios are excellent locations to talk through your ideas and get work done. Each one is well-equipped with many of the tools necessary to execute a variety of ideas today. In addition, they can be great places to explore all the capabilities OMS Photo has to offer from our external studios to our video teams.

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Discover Retouching and Animations

Some of the best social media photos and videos require post-production work to make it achievable. OMS Photo offers a full digital department with photo retouchers and video editors ready to go. Give us a challenge.

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